CFO Insights Is Here!

The latest among the many milestones that Team Corporate Shiksha has achieved since its inception, the launch of CFO insights, is a declaration directed towards the Future Leaders of Finance asking them to gear up!

First Annual Workplace 2020 Summit

The First Workplace 2020 Summit held in February 15’, emerged as the largest gathering of Workplace 2020 in South East Asia Region. Featuring Dialogues from leading CEOs and Hr Leaders on achieving and ameliorating high performance for individuals and organizations, the stage for this Summit’s Keynote Speakers was set!

First Master Class Series

If you are a working professional, you are in your zone! Consisting of industry designed lectures from top notch corporate leaders who share their specialized knowledge to help build your competency and efficiency.

Career Launchpad – Enabling Young India Become Corporate Ready!

Helping Young India’s graduating class become corporate ready for Future of Workplace.

To bridge the gap between individual career aspirations and corporate expectations from fresh talent entering workplace.

Career Accelerator – Launch of the Next Generation Platform!

To accelerate the potential of those aspiring as well as young future managers to Evolve and Enhance their capabilities through direct learning under the tutelage of industry leaders.

Launch of Workplace 2020 Digital Platform (Knowledge Center)

Today, the world’s leading organizations are raising their sights, broadening their focus and leaning forward. These companies understand that uncertainty is still part of the business landscape; but instead of merely reacting to change, they are harnessing it and turning it into a business advantage. They recognize that, in a world that is changing rapidly, the speed with which organizations adapt has become a critical business capability.

HR Leaders Roundtable – Inaugurating with ‘The Search of Innovation in Performance Management

All set to ‘Discuss-Deliberate-Innovate,’ the team at Corporate Shiksha inaugurated Workplace 2020 HR Leaders Roundtable Series at CMC Limited (Noida) on 17th Sep, 13’. Central to the theme of our discussion is a recent ‘World at Work Study,’ as per which, an estimated 58% of HR Leaders gave their performance management process a grade “C” or worse.