Corporate Shiksha Icon M

Our logo depicts networks. We at Corporate Shiksha understand the importance of building networks, especially in the corporate sector. Thus, our logo shows a matrix of networks, independent yet intertwined and working in harmony. In the middle, the blue highlights the culmination of all networks toward a better future.  Thus, the blue depicts Corporate Shiksha and our aim to help establish these various networks.

The colour scheme is the same as that used in the flag of our nation. This is to highlight the importance of networking between those working in the corporate sector in India. We at Corporate Shiksha help in this process by enabling students and young professionals to meet their peers, as well as industry leaders. Through this, they form their own networks. They then help others do the same, and so the cycle continues.

Corporate Shiksha Icon Single Saffron

Saffron symbolizes courage and knowledge

Corporate Shiksha Icon Single Green

Green symbolizes prosperity, vibrancy and life

Corporate Shiksha Icon Single copy

Blue symbolizes progress and perpetuity


Shiksha (Devanagari: शिक्षा IAST: śikṣā) is one of the six Vedangas, treating the traditional Hindu science of phonetics and phonology of Sanskrit.
The meaning of the Hindi word ‘Shiksha’ is education or learning. This is exactly what we aim to provide through our organization. Our aim is to provide learning opportunity for young India so as to enable them to find their career direction and excel at it. We value knowledge and feel that is the most important tool a person can use in life.