Corporate Shiksha Launches ‘Marketing Insights’

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‘Marketing Insights,’ a marketing community started by Corporate Shiksha was launched on the 5th of September, as part of the Workplace2020 CEO Dialogue. The community was launched by industry leaders Sanjay Kapoor, Chairman, Micromax and Sundeep Malhotra, Founder & CEO, Homeshop 18 in Zee Auditorium, Noida.

As a parallel initiative to the Workplace2020 series, which was primarily for HR leaders, this initiative has been organized by Corporate Shiksha to give marketing leaders a platform to air their views on industry trends and engage with their peers. This community will allow marketing heads of various companies to connect with each other and mutually benefit from knowledge exchange. Marketing Insights will feature Roundtables which will be held on a regular basis to allow leaders to discuss pertinent topics under marketing. In addition, members of this community will have access to Corporate Shiksha’s online knowledge centre and be given a chance to have their articles published as blogs on the website.

Key Features of Marketing Insights:

  • Facilitates Knowledge Transfer through Peer Interaction
  • Provides Access to Research and Publications
  • Provides Access to Knowledge Centre
  • Gives Opportunity to get Views Published as Blog
  • Gives Opportunity to Participate in Panel Discussions on Pertinent Topics

To know more about the community and to join, visit