First Master Class Series

If you are a working professional, you are in your zone!
Consisting of industry designed lectures from top notch corporate leaders who share their specialized knowledge to help build your competency and efficiency.
Keeping this larger focus in mind, Team Corporate Shiksha launched its First Master Class Series on “Creating a Workplace Brand for the Future Workforce.” It’s imperative that we understand this theme in today’s hyper-connected world, where your corporate brand and your talent brand are two sides of the same coin.
Creating strong bonds that help retain critical talent—and attract the future talent you’ll need—requires building leading talent practices and communicating them effectively and consistently. So getting it right, is crucial!
With key focus on Talent ‘Management, Communication & Acquisition,’ the 1st Master Class Series was a breakthrough for Team Corporate Shiksha. Lets not wait anymore, and hear from the Participants themselves.

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