Inaugural Meet a Mentor Forum

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Each one of has a yearning desire to reach the top of one’s career, but how often does that happen? What sets apart a high-flyer from an ordinary person? Well, leaders believe that having a right Mentor is often one of the key differentiators for professionals in accelerating career growth.

With this thought in mind,we inaugurated the first session of Meet a Mentor Forum series today under the aegis of Corporate Shiksha. We were fortunate to have Mr Avadhesh Dixit, Head of Human Resources (India Region), Moody’s Corporation as a mentor for this session. Its main aim was to enable people and organisations for the Future of Work.The day began with high tea and introduction session, followed by that Mr Dixit shared his journey of 19 years and what he did to reach the zenith of his career.

The format of a roundtable discussion with a focused batch of 15 – 20 HR professionals along with a Mentor was very well received by the participants. It was not only a learning session but was also a great networking forum.

While talking about the must have qualities to be successful, Avadhesh insisted on three areas that encompass Hard Work followed by Right Value System and finally a Learning Attitude. He said one can beat all the odds with hard work.

One of the thoughts he shared was ‘Rationality gets clouded with money’ gave a holistic view of work culture and the youth we had as an audience could very well relate to it. He talked about self-doubt that people have at times during the course of their career and how to stay positive. One of the most discussed aspects was Learning every day and upgrading oneself for the sake of reaching where one aspires to be. There is no shortcut to success and one has to work hard and smart every day. The importance of having a vision and perspective towards the future and not being short-sighted is something that today’s youth really lacks in and he guided the audience with his experience. The simple mantra was “Walk behind competency, success and money will follow’’One of the most critical points of the session that Avadhesh put across was the “Action Illusion” to make people realize the faults and fallacies on their end and how it degrades their performance at workplace.

HR professionals asked about what to be done to succeed in their career and problems related to their jobs and Avadhesh shared his insight and helped the people seeking answers very well.

It’s a one of its kind initiative to get the Industry mentors and leaders to spend time with the young budding professionals helping them shape their career progression which in turn helped them connecting and growing their own network.

When asked about how to be more productive, Avadhesh shared a personal habit of always making a “To Do List”, he said everyone must have this list and should keep revisiting it from time to time.

The participants of the forum opened up and shared their thoughts and experience.

We believe that a Mentor is like a guiding light in someone’s career path.In our objective to help professionals find meaning and happiness at work,we look forward to organizing more such forums in future as well to create a positive impact on young professionals.