Workplace Insights 20th HR Leaders Roundtable by Corporate Shiksha & Supported by ReNew Power

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As a network for knowledge exchange for Young India, you may have noticed our efforts in organising programs like Roundtables, Master Classes, Conclaves and Webinars, all of which burst of vibrant opportunities to carve a nexus and connect with top notch decision makers and establish your brand recall with a positioning of thought leadership.
Our Roundtable has been devised along the same lines, to provide the thought leaders and real practitioners from HR, Finance and Marketing, a common ground to come together, network and divulge in what’s trending and what’s around the corner.
Recently Corporate Shiksha hosted its 20th HR Leaders Roundtable in Gurgaon to ascertain real perspectives on the Subject “Building a Startup Culture”. Here is a glimpse of the 20th HR Leaders Roundtable, the highly interactive session lasted for 2 and a half hours leaving the participants wanting for more.

Among those participated were:



Sumant Sinha, Chairman & CEO, ReNew Power 


Vaishali Nigam Sinha, Director, ReNew Power


Tapas Acharya, VP – HR, ReNew Power


Anadi Sinha, President – Group HRM, UNO Minda


Joyeeta Chatterjee, Chief of Human Resources, OLX


Murlee Dhar Shyamm, VP-HR, Cryoviva Biotech



Alka Gulati, Director-HR & Admin, Hughes Communication India


Deepak Mendiratta, Head – HR, Appster



Anurag Chandra, Head-People Services, Admiral Solutions


Anuj Alphonson, Chief Operating Officer, Safeducate Learning



P.K Gupta, General Manager HR, Tex Corp


Padma Singh, VP-OD and L&D, Reliance ADA


Anil Kumar Misra, Chief Human Resources Officer,



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